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City Break Expert

Hockey fan, foodie, audiophile, vintage furniture lover and passionate about urban photography. Working to provide the best city break offers so you don’t have to stress about it. «You should enjoy the city, not worry about the trip’s details.»


Nature Trips Expert

Nature enthusiast, animal lover and passionate mountaineer. Your journey must be safe, efficient and convenient. «My mission is to create an unforgettable holiday because time has an essential role in everyone’s life.»

Tony garcia

Exotic Destinations Expert

Skydiver, rock climber, surfer, kiter and lover of exotic fruits. «A «special» category of clients that I like is the newly married young people, whom I like to offer the journey of their lives in their honeymoon. A little something to help them get started.»

Opiniones de nuestros clientes

¡Nuestra amplia experiencia se asegurará de que la tuya sea una HISTORIA DE ÉXITO!

A wonderful experience, attentive staff and always at the disposal of tourists / clients. During the stay, we had only beautiful things, attentive staff, impeccable accommodation, food and beverages, from varied categories, for all tastes. Performances and evening entertainment both on the beach at the ocean and at the pools during the day.

David Lorem

I had an unexpectedly successful holiday. The choice of hotel was very good, being one that offers everything you need for a pleasant holiday. The staff was very receptive, kind and attentive. The food was great for everyone. Transport to the most important points of interest was free of charge. Thank you Neve Agency for a wonderful holiday.

Linda Guthrie

I always stayed away from the Swiss resorts. Every winter I went to local slopes or the ones in Austria. I never wanted to spend a fortune on skiing. Out of curiosity I turned to Neve Agency and I spent for skiing in Switzerland as much as I did in Austria, although the Swiss alpine décor would have deserved spending much more.

Cynthia Henry

General Salazar 540, Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

LUN-VIE: 9 – 18
SAB: 10 – 14


3344446901, 3336130595